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PN Cadet 2024 Apply

Pak Navy has announced jobs as PN Cadets for Permanent Commissions for 2024-B. So, now you can join Pak Navy as a PN Cadet by following their eligibility criteria.

I will guide you on how to apply or register online as a PN Cadet. Let’s get started.

join pak navy as pn cadet 2024

Eligibility Criteria

There are the following criteria steps to join Pak navy as PN cadet such as:

  • Only male citizen of Pakistan.
  • The age of Candidate should be 16 ½ to 21 years.
  • It is only for unmarried candidates.
  • For Services candidate age between 17 to 23 and Married / Unmarried.
  • The minimum height of candidate should be 5 foot and 5 inch (5.4).

PN Cadets Education Qualifications

Join Pak navy as PN Cadets candidate have passed Matric and and O/A Level with at least 60% marks with following subjects :

Subject For PN Cadets

Physics, Math’s and Chemistry Physics, Math’s and Computer Science Physic, Math and Statistics.
Subject eligibility for PN join Pak navy as PN cadet

Note: if the candidate complete Part i with 65% marks, so they can also apply for join Pak Navy as a PN Cadets.

Guide How to Joining Pakistan Navy as a PN Cadet

You can join the Pak Navy as a PN Cadet by visiting the official website of the Pakistan Navy. So, click on the button below, and you will directly access the official website.

This is my YouTube channel video, in which I explain the complete registration process for joining the Pakistan Navy as a PN Cadet.

FAQS About join Pakistan navy as PN cadet

1. Who is PN Cadet?

   – PN Cadet refers to a candidate who undergoes training to become an officer in the Pakistan Navy. It’s a prestigious program aimed at grooming individuals for leadership roles within the navy.

2. What are the subjects for PN Cadet?

   – The subjects for PN Cadets typically include mathematics, physics, chemistry, and English, along with specialized subjects related to naval science and operations.

3. What is the age limit for PN cadet?

   – The age limit for PN Cadets usually falls between 16 and 21 years at the time of joining, though specific age requirements may vary depending on the recruitment cycle.

4. What is PNCA in Pak Navy?

   – PNCA stands for Pakistan Naval Academy, which is the premier institution for training officers for the Pakistan Navy. It’s where PN Cadets undergo rigorous academic and military training.

5. What is the salary of Pak Navy?

   – The salary in the Pakistan Navy varies based on rank, experience, and qualifications. Generally, officers receive competitive pay and benefits commensurate with their responsibilities.

6. What is the salary of Army cadet in Pakistan?

   – The salary of an Army cadet in Pakistan depends on several factors including rank, experience, and allowances. As with the Navy, it varies based on individual circumstances.

7. What is Pak Navy’s age?

   – The age of the Pakistan Navy as an institution dates back to its establishment in 1947, coinciding with the creation of Pakistan. Since then, it has evolved into a formidable naval force.

8. What is the height limit for Pak Navy?

   – The height limit for Pak Navy varies depending on the role. Generally, candidates should meet certain height requirements specified by the Navy to ensure they can perform their duties effectively.

9. What is the qualification for navy in Pakistan?

   – The qualification for joining the Navy in Pakistan typically includes a minimum of intermediate education with specific subjects such as mathematics and physics. Higher qualifications may be required for certain positions.

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