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How to Join Pak Merchant Navy | Pakistan Marine Academy Admission 2024

Start your career in the maritime business by enrolling in the prestigious Pakistan Marine Academy in 2024.

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Introduction to Merchant Navy

The Merchant Navy is an important part of international trade because it helps move goods between countries and seas. Fans of the sea will love it because it offers excitement, safety, and chances to see the world.

Pakistan Marine Academy Admission Details

Posted: 03/07/2024

Last Date to Apply: 06/09/2024

Find out what you need to do to join the Merchant Navy through the Pakistan Marine Academy.

Nationality Requirements:

Applicants must be Pakistani citizens and must live in FATA, Gilgit Baltistan, AJK, or Balochistan.

Status of Marriage and Gender:

Applicants who are men must be single Pakistani citizens.

People who want to apply

Must be between the ages of 18 and 20 on December 31, 2024. People from FATA, Gilgit Baltistan, AJK, and Balochistan can apply up to 21 years old, which is an exception.

Educational Requirements:

Must have passed the HSSC (Pre-Engineering) or a comparable exam with at least a 55% in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.

Application Process for Pakistan Marine Academy Admission 2024

To apply for admission to Pakistan Marine Academy in 2024, follow these steps:

Step 1: Get an application form and prospectus by going to the Pakistan Marine Academy offices or going to [], the academy’s website.

2. Fee for Application: – Send a Rs. 3500/-pay order or bank draft to Pakistan Marine Academy (Branch Code 0293) at any NBP Branch. If you want to pay for it yourself, you’ll need to send in Rs. 300,000/-. It will be returned to you if you’re chosen based on open merit.

3. Admission Test: The Entrance Test will be administered in several major cities across Pakistan, such as Karachi, Lahore, and others, by the National Testing Service.

4. Requirements for Eligibility: – Test takers need to get at least 45% on the entrance exam.
Fifth, a medical examination will be conducted at CMH/PNS on the selected individuals.

Important Dates for Pakistan Marine Academy Admission 2024

Last Date to Submit Applications: September 6, 2024.

Pakistan Marine Academy admission Advertisement

Pakistan Marine Academy admission Advertisement 2024

FAQS About pakistan marine academy admission 2024

What is the age limit for admission to Pakistan Marine Academy?

The youngest age that you can be to join Pakistan Marine Academy depends on the programme you want to join. Most of the time, people who want to join the Naval and Engineering Cadet programmes should be 16 to 20 years old.

What is the age limit for Maritime Academy admissions?

The youngest age that can be admitted to a Maritime Academy varies by academy and programme. Usually, applicants should be between 16 and 25 years old, but this can change based on the academy and programme.

How do you join the Merchant Navy in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, people who want to join the Merchant Navy usually have to go through maritime training and get certified from a recognised marine academy. After that, they can look for jobs with shipping companies that are part of the Merchant Navy.

How can I apply for admission to Maritime Academy?

Usually, people who want to apply to a Maritime Academy must get an application form from the academy’s website or office, fill it out with the necessary information, and send it in by the due date. According to the academy’s rules, requirements may include certain levels of schooling, medical fitness, and age limits.

What is an officer’s salary in the Pakistani Merchant Navy?

In the Pakistani Merchant Navy, an officer’s pay is based on their rank and how much experience they have. Senior officers, like captains, can make more than PKR 300,000 a month. Junior officers may make between PKR 50,000 and PKR 100,000 a month.

Which merchant ship job pays the least?
In the Merchant Navy, the lowest pay can be very different based on the rank, the type of ship, and the shipping company. Beginning wages for jobs like reviews or trainees are usually between 20,000 and 40,000 PKR per month.

Who in the Merchant Navy makes the most money as an officer?

Most of the time, captains (masters) of big ships are the highest-paid leaders in the Merchant Navy. Rates can be anywhere from PKR 500,000 to PKR 1,000,000 or more per month, based on the shipping company and the type of ship.

What are the distinguishing roles of the Navy and the Merchant Navy?

The Merchant Navy is a private fleet that ships goods for profit and trades with other countries. The main thing it does is move people and goods. On the other hand, the Navy is a combat branch that protects national interests at sea, defends the country, and keeps the seas safe.


The Pakistan Marine Academy (PMA) is the best place in Pakistan to learn about the sea. It is known for its strict training that follows world standards. Join PMA to get ready for a great job in the maritime business.

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