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Nadra jobs for Junior Executive

The Government of Pakistan has announced job openings for Nadra Junior Executive with sign language certification. The Nadra job locations will be in Pakistan, including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi South, Karachi Central, Hyderabad, Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Quetta, and Pakpattan.

Eligibility Criteria For Nadra jobs

Age for Nadra Junior Executive

For the post of Nadra junior executive age limit is 30 years. This means that who want to apply for the position of Nadra jobs (Junior Executive) they must not be older than 30 years of age at the time of application. the candidate whose age are greater than 30 they will be not eligible for junior Executive.

Education Eligibility for Nadra jobs

  • Candidates applying for the post of Junior Executive must having an Intermediate degree or an equivalent qualification.
  • They must have completed a basic computer course.
  • Candidates should hold certification in sign language.
  • Additionally, candidates must have a minimum of one year of experience in data entry.

Job Location for Nadra latest jobs

The job location for Nadra jobs in Islamabad ,Rawalpindi, Karachi South, Karachi Central, Karachi West, Hyderabad, Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Quetta and Pakpattan. this the Nadra latest jobs location for 2024.

Maximum AgeQualification and ExperienceJob Location
Nadra Junior Executive
Age (Maximum):
30 Years
>>Must have Intermediate or equivalent qualification.
>>Basic Computer Course and Knowledge.
>>Certification in sign language.
>>They have 1 year experience of Data Entry.
Karachi South
Karachi Central
Karachi West Hyderabad
Eligibility Criteria for Nadra jobs as a Junior Executive.

Nadra jobs 2024 online Apply

In the below video on my channel, I provide the complete method for registering yourself for Nadra jobs online, Follow the tutorial to learn how to successfully apply for Nadra jobs through the online official website of Nadra. you can directly visit by clicking the apply now button below:

for further information you can contact me if you facing any issue regarding to Nadra jobs online apply. I am here for your querry.

nadra jobs 2024 online apply

FAQS About Nadra jobs

1. What is the salary of a Junior Executive in NADRA?

   – The salary of a Junior Executive in NADRA varies depending on factors such as experience and qualifications. It is typically commensurate with industry standards and may be subject to periodic revisions.

2. What does a Junior Executive do in NADRA?

   – A Junior Executive in NADRA is responsible for various administrative tasks, including data entry, managing paperwork, and assisting in office operations. They may also handle customer inquiries and provide support in different departments.

3. What is the job description of a Junior Executive?

   – The job description of a Junior Executive typically includes tasks such as data entry, administrative support, managing paperwork, and utilizing computer skills. They may also be required to possess certification in sign language and have experience in data entry.

4. What is the scale for a Junior Executive position?

   – The scale for a Junior Executive position in NADRA is determined based on factors such as responsibilities, qualifications, and experience. It may vary depending on the specific requirements of the role.

5. How can I prepare for the NADRA Junior Executive test?

   – Candidates aspiring for the NADRA Junior Executive position can prepare for the test by reviewing relevant material, practicing data entry skills, and familiarizing themselves with sign language concepts if required. Additionally, seeking guidance from past test takers or utilizing online resources can be beneficial.

6. What are the skills required for a Junior Executive position?

   – Skills required for a Junior Executive position in NADRA include proficiency in data entry, computer literacy, communication skills, and attention to detail. Additionally, certification in sign language and prior experience in data entry may be advantageous.

7. What is the experience level expected for a Junior Executive role?

   – Candidates applying for a Junior Executive role in NADRA are typically expected to have at least one year of experience in data entry or a related field. This experience helps demonstrate proficiency in handling sensitive information and performing administrative tasks effectively.

8. What is the meaning of Junior Sales Executive?

   – A Junior Sales Executive typically refers to an entry-level position within a sales team, responsible for tasks such as prospecting, lead generation, and customer communication. They work under the guidance of senior sales professionals to achieve sales targets and contribute to the overall growth of the organization.

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