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Jobs in Zong Franchise | Zong Jobs | Apply Today

Start 2024 with Zong job! Zong franchise jobs offer a range of options in a number of places. Send your application today to grab the chance to work for a leading telecoms firm that is known for its innovation and expansion. This is your golden chance to make a successful career with Zong.

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Posted : The job posting was made on July 9, 2024.

Last Date to Apply : The deadline for submitting applications is July 11, 2024.

Job Details for Zong Jobs and Jobs in Zong Franchise

Age Range:

Candidates that have attained the age of between 30 and 40 are desired and are more fitted for those who bear extensive professional experience in telecommunications or other related fields.


There is no specific academic requirement; however, candidates should have skills and experiences relevant to Zong’s management roles and its franchise locations.


These positions consist of numerous managerial responsibilities thereby creating chances for individuals to guide others as well as take vital decisions within Zong and Jobs in Zong Franchise.

Offered Salary:

The company provides a salary range ranging from PKR 50,000 to 80,000 making it a competitive payer in the industry thus aiming at attracting skilled professionals to both Zong Company and its franchises.

Categories to Apply in Jobs in Zong Franchise

Here are the categories available for application:

1. Grid Manager:

This person is in charge of managing and keeping an eye on the grid activities in Zong’s franchise network.

2. Executive Product and Dict Support:

Helps with the development of products and makes sure that Zong’s operations follow orders correctly.

3. Relationship Manager Chinese Accounts Sales and Services:

This person is in charge of Zong’s franchise operations’ sales and service ties with Chinese accounts.

Each of these categories represents a different part in Zong’s franchise, with its own set of duties and chances to advance in your career.

Apply for Zong Jobs:

Follow these steps to apply for jobs at Zong and in Zong franchises:

1. Who Can Apply: People who meet our standards can apply through our website at

Only applications submitted online will be considered for the screening process, so please submit yours in this manner.

2. Last Day to Apply: July 11, 2024 is the last day to apply for work with Zong or Zong franchises. Make sure you send in your application before that date!. Before this date, you need to send in your application.

3. The selection process: Only qualified applicants will be contacted for the selection process, which will be based on their qualifications and experience that is related to the job openings.
Use the link given to apply today and learn about job chances with Zong and its franchise network.

FAQS About ZONG Jobs

1. What are Zong jobs?

Zong jobs cover a wide range of positions in Pakistan’s telecommunications industry. There are roles in many areas that can help you move up in your career and improve your skills.

2. How can I find jobs in Zong franchise?

Jobs in Zong franchise include those that are available at Zong’s official stores across the country, like customer service, sales, technical support, and management. This gives people all over Pakistan a wide range of job choices.

3. Where can I view current job openings at Zong?

You can see what jobs Zong is currently hiring for on their website, You can look at the newest job openings and apply online for ones that fit your skills and qualifications.

4. How do I apply for Zong jobs?

To apply for a position with Zong, please visit Choose the job you want, fill out the online application form, and send your resume and any other papers asked for. The only way to be considered is to apply through the official website.

5. Does Zong consider online applications only?

Yes, Zong only looks at online forms during the hiring process. To be considered for job openings, applicants must send their resumes and fill out an application form online at or the website of the individual franchise.

6. What is Zong’s full name?
The full name of Zong is China Mobile Pakistan.
7. What does Niaz Malik do?
Niaz Malik is a famous Pakistani entrepreneur and businessman who has made a name for himself in the telecom industry.
8. Who made Zong SIM?
China Mobile Pakistan (Zong), which is a branch of China Mobile Communications Corporation, sells and manages Zong SIM cards.

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