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Teaching Jobs In Qatar

Teaching jobs in Qatar not only offer career opportunities but are also adventures in a country that is dynamic and which are friendly among others situated in the Middle East. It doesn’t matter what attracts you – whether it’s the competitive salaries, tax-free income, world-class facilities or simply because you want to be part of a vibrant international community – teaching in Qatar will be an enriching and rewarding experience. Immerse yourself in a world where everyday holds new opportunities for learning and growth.

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There’s evidence that people have lived in Qatar for thousands of years, with archaeological finds dating back to 4th century BCE indicating the same. It has been many centuries since the Arabian Peninsula nation was famous for pearl diving and trade; it thus, became an important port in Persian Gulf sea routes.

The Al Thani family came into power in the 18th century and they really established themselves in charge around the mid-19th century which is regarded to have summed up the modern history of Qatar.

Qatar’s fortunes were completely transformed as it moved from being a poor pearl diving state, into becoming one among world’s richest countries after discovery of gas and oil within its territories during the 20th Century; since then till now, the economy has kept increasing rapidly.

Since gaining independence from Britain in 1971, Qatar has quickly built up its own industries while at the same time encouraging international investments there. Today Qatar remains a global hub for innovations and also diplomacy where it is under the visionary leadership of the Al Thani family that invests a lot of money into healthcare, education and cultural projects.

Key Benefits and Opportunities of teaching jobs in Qatar for Pakistani

Competitive Salaries:

Teaching jobs in Qatar are usually accompanied with high salaries without tax. This makes it a good choice if you want to get rich through your career in the teaching sector.

Comprehensive Benefits:

Numerous teaching jobs have benefits like housing allowances, health insurance, annual flights home and a long leave.

Modern Facilities:

Schools in Qatar have modern resources and create a good atmosphere for both teaching and learning.

Professional Development:

Professional growth can be enhanced through several means such as workshops, training sessions as well as attending conferences.

Diverse Community:

Qatar’s international schools attract teachers and students from all around the world creating a multicultural and inclusive atmosphere.

High Demand:

The demand is increasing for teachers who are well prepared in different subject areas, particularly in STEM disciplines and teaching English language to non-native speakers.

Quality of Life:

Qatar offers a high standard of living, world class healthcare, modern amenities and a safe family friendly environment.

Cultural Experience:

As a place to live, Qatar gives one a rare chance of getting Middle East culture, history; since Qatar can also offer cosmopolitan living.

Few Present Vacancies Of Teaching Jobs In Qatar And Their Locations

Job TitleJob LocationStart DateJob Description & Application Link
Assistant Head of Early Years – UrgentQatar – DohaAugust 2024Apply Here
Art CoordinatorDoha, QatarAugust 2024Apply Here
Early Years Teacher – UrgentQatar – DohaSeptember 2024Apply Here
Secondary Art Teacher – Fine Art  DohaQatarAugust 2024Apply Here
Secondary Mathematics Teacher  Doha, QatarAugust 2024Apply Here
Primary TeachersQatarSeptember 2024Apply Here
Music Teacher  QatarAugust 2024Apply Here
Secondary Science Teachers – Doha – QatarDoha-QatarSeptember 2024Apply Here
Special Needs TeacherDoha, QatarASAP StartApply Here
Physics TeacherDoha, QatarASAP StartApply Here

Considerations Before Entering the Teaching Jobs In Qatar

Here are a few points you might consider before relocating to Qatar as a teacher:


A teacher in Qatar gets a monthly pay of approximately $3,100 USD (roughly £2,550).


To qualify to teach at a private international school in Qatar, you should have some experience of teaching and a degree in education. The teaching of English as a foreign language will also require you to have a TEFL/TESOL certificate.

School Hours:

In most cases, classes start early in the morning between 6:30-7:00 am, and leave class students usually before 2:30 pm to avoid the oppressive heat.

Class Assistance:

You will usually be accompanied in class by a teaching assistant or ‘Class Mother’ who will help conduct administrative work for you.

Cultural Considerations:

Be cautious when it’s Ramadan, because this time of year they (Muslims) have to abstain from eating all day long.


Being unpunctual can give someone an especially bad expression if you are meeting them for the first time.

Alcohol Regulations:

Severe laws in Qatar regulate alcohol drinking. Muslims are forbidden from taking this drink since non Muslims may take it only in places such as hotels.

Weekend Schedule:

On Fridays and Saturdays weekends fall visiting days will be closed on Friday morning but other days will still be open till afternoon prayer.


What are the earnings of educators in Qatar?

Teachers in Qatar typically earn between $2,500 and $4,400 per month, tax-free. They also receive benefits like housing, health insurance, and annual flights home.

How to get a teaching job in Qatar?

To get a teaching job in Qatar, research schools, prepare a good resume, and apply directly through school websites or job portals. Networking and using education-focused recruitment agencies can also help.

Are teachers in demand in Qatar?

Yes, Qatar needs qualified teachers, especially in subjects like Math, Science, English, and Special Education. International schools are hiring to meet the needs of Qatar’s growing expatriate community.

Is Qatar a good place to teach?

Qatar is great for teaching due to high salaries, good benefits, modern facilities, low crime rates, and cultural diversity. The country invests in education and offers opportunities for professional growth.

What is the package of a Teacher in Qatar?

Teacher packages in Qatar include a tax-free salary, housing allowance or accommodation, health insurance, annual flights home, and sometimes education benefits for dependents.

Which country pays teachers the highest?

Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, and the United States are among the highest-paying countries for teachers. In the Middle East, Qatar, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia also offer competitive salaries and benefits for teachers.


Teaching jobs in Qatar for Pakistani are a unique opportunity to grow professionally as well as enrich oneself culturally because it provides  competitive tax free salaries in addition to state of the art facilities which provide an enabling environment for growth. The mixture of various cultural backgrounds and availability of many career growth programmes add on, making Qatar a perfect destination for teachers who are focused on their career success.

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