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Pak Army Lady Cadet Course

Lady Cadet Course (LCC) 2024.

The Lady Cadet Course is a prestigious program designed by the Pakistan Army to empower and provide women with the opportunity to serve their country as military officers. This course, also known as the Lady Cadet Course 2024, is specifically aimed at women who are passionate about pursuing a career in the military. With the Lady Cadet Course 2024 registration now open, this is a prime opportunity for aspiring lady cadets to join the ranks. Whether you’re fresh out of FSC or have completed higher education, this guide will walk you through what the Lady Cadet Course is, how to apply for it, and the detailed requirements needed to qualify.

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Registration Details

The registration for the Lady Cadet Course 2024 starts on June 12, 2024, and the deadline is July 9, 2024. This period is crucial for candidates to submit their applications through the official Pakistan Army recruitment website. Ensuring timely registration is the first step towards securing a place in this competitive program.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the Lady Cadet Course, candidates must meet the following criteria:

1. Gender: Female

2. Age: Up to 28 years

3. Marital Status: Unmarried

4. Nationality: Pakistani citizens, including those from Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir.

5. Education: A 4-year bachelor’s degree or equivalent with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 or 60% marks. Candidates with MPhil or MS degrees will have an advantage.

6. Physical Requirements: Minimum height of 5 feet (152.4 cm) and weight as per Body Mass Index (BMI) criteria set by the Pakistan Army.

Application Form

The application process for the Lady Cadet Course 2024 is conducted online through the official Pakistan Army website.

Test preparation and syllabus

Preparation for the Lady Cadet Course involves several stages of testing:

1. Verbal Test:

This test evaluates the candidate’s verbal reasoning and language skills.

2. Non-Verbal Test:

This test assesses the candidate’s ability to acquire and analyze visual information.

3. Academic Test:

This includes questions related to the candidate’s degree and general academic knowledge.


To qualify for the Lady Cadet Course, candidates must meet the following stringent requirements:

1.Educational Background:

Bachelor’s degree with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 or an equivalent of 60% marks.

2.Physical Fitness:

Running 106 km in 14 minutes.

3.Medical Fitness:

Must pass the preliminary and final medical examinations.

Documents Required

Applicants must prepare and submit the following documents:

1. Fill out the online enlistment form accurately.

2. Transfer vital archives such as CNIC, instructive certificates, and later photographs.

3. Pay any required expenses to total the enrollment.

Academic Performance

Academic performance is a critical component of the selection process. Candidates must ensure they meet the educational requirements and perform well in the academic tests conducted during the selection process. No 3rd division, or Grade D, and only one 2nd division, or Grade C, throughout the academic career are allowed.

Joining- lady cadet course 2024 registration

Successful candidates who pass all the tests and meet all requirements will receive a final call letter from the General Headquarters (GHQ). Upon receiving this letter, candidates will sign a bond agreeing to serve in the Pakistan Army for a specified period, typically at least 7 years.

The Woman Cadet Course is a door to a satisfying and prestigious career in the Pakistan Army. With dedication and preparation, aspiring lady cadets can take this opportunity to serve their country with honor and distinction.

For more data and to apply, visit the official.

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FAQs About Pak Army Lady Cadet Course

1. What is a lady cadet course?

The lady cadet course 2024 (LCC) is basically a program in Pakistan where women who have graduated can join the army as officers. It lets them serve in different branches like engineering, signals, and more.

2. How can I join PMA as a girl?

If you’re a girl looking to join the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA), you’d typically apply through the Lady Cadet Course (LCC) when they announce it. That’s the route for female cadets to become officers in the Pakistan Army.

3. Is PMA also for girls?

Yes, PMA does accept girls through the Lady Cadet Course (LCC). It’s the pathway for women to train and become officers in the Pakistan Army.

4. What are the requirements for ISSB females after 12th?

To apply to the ISSB (Inter-Services Selection Board) after finishing 12th grade, girls usually need to be Pakistani citizens within a certain age range (typically 17-22 years old). They should have completed their intermediate education with specific grades and pass the physical and medical tests conducted by the ISSB.

5. Can girls join the army?

Yes, girls can definitely join the Pakistan Army through the Lady Cadet Course (LCC). It’s designed for women who want to serve in various roles within the army.

6. Which cadet college is for girls in Pakistan?

There are specific cadet colleges in Pakistan for girls, like Cadet College Abbottabad for Girls and Garrison Cadet College Kohat for Girls. These institutions provide similar training and education to cadet colleges for boys, preparing female students for careers in the military or other professions.

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