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PAF Jobs | Join PAF Online Registration 2024 | PAF Commission Jobs

Are you excited about the chance to work for the Pakistan Air Force (Join PAF) in 2024? There are many jobs available in the PAF in 2024, in a variety of areas and specialities. There are many job opportunities in the Pakistani Armed Forces (PAF), whether you want to be a dentist surgeon, a GDMO, a psychiatrist, or work in one of many other tactical roles.

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This guide makes it clear what skills are needed, how to apply, and when the deadlines are. Join the PAF 2024 today and protect the skies over our country with pride and commitment.

Why Join PAF 2024?

If you join the PAF, you can have a rewarding job where you can make a real difference in the defence and growth of your country. You will be working in a dynamic setting where you can grow professionally and personally.

Deadline for PAF Jobs online registration 2024

Deadline for Applications: July 13, 2024, is the last day to send in applications.

Open Positions in the PAF Jobs 2024

Medical Branch (Dental Surgeon) (SPSSC)

Qualification Requirement:

  • BDS: Minimum 2nd Division from a recognized university.

Medical Branch (GDMO) (SPSSC)

Qualification Requirement:

  • MBBS: Minimum 2nd Division from a recognized university.

Medical Branch (Psychiatrist) (SPSSC)

Qualification Requirement:

  • MBBS with specialization in Psychiatry.

 Eligibility Criteria for Each Post

  • You need to hold either an MBBS or BDS degree.
  • Age: The maximum age changes by job (see job details for more information).
  • Citizenship: Pakistani – Marital Status: Not Married.

PAF Jobs 2024: Join PAF online registration

Explore the latest job opportunities with the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in 2024. Here, you’ll find information on current and upcoming vacancies for various positions across Pakistan.

You need to follow the steps below for joining PAF online registration in 2024.

1. Go to the main website of the PAF: Go to, which is the [Join PAF Official Website].

2. Sign up: Enter your CNIC after clicking the “Registration” button.

3. Choose Job Category: Pick the type of job you want.

4. Make Sure You’re Eligible: Look over the standards for the job category you want and make sure you meet all of them.

5. Fill out the application form: give correct information about yourself, your education, and how to reach you.

6. Send in the application: Once you’re done filling out the form, send it in online.

7. Print Application: For your records, print a copy of your application.

Fill out an application right now to start your journey towards a rewarding job with the Pakistan Air Force. Visit the [Join PAF Official Website]( right now to sign up for the PAF online.

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Steps for Selection

1. You can sign up online at [Join PAF Official Website].Visit
2. Tests of intelligence and academic skills
3. The first medical test and interview
4. A psychological test for people who made the short list
5. A meeting with the First AHQ Special Selection Board
6. Last medical checkup at CMB, Lahore

7. Participate in a second AHQ special selection board interview.

8. Based on your merit ranking, guarantee your position in AHQ’s ultimate choice.

 PAF Information & Selection Centres Locations

FAQs About PAF Jobs 2024

What are the requirements to join the PAF?
– The requirements for eligibility depend on the job being applied for. In general, applicants must be Pakistani citizens, single, and meet the school requirements listed in the job posting. There are also age boundaries and fitness standards. On the PAF website or in job ads, you can find specific information.

How to Applying for a Position in the PAF in 2024?

– If you want to apply for PAF jobs in 2024, go to and follow the steps to register online. Choose the type of job you want, fill out the application form with correct information about yourself and your school, and send it online by the due date.

How do people get jobs in the PAF?
– Signing up online at the PAF website is usually part of the choosing process.
—IQ and academic tests to see how smart and knowledgeable prospects are.
– Initial medical check to make sure the person is physically fit.
—Interviews and psychiatric tests for people who made the short list.
– Final medical test and nomination by the Air Headquarters (AHQ) based on merit.

What are the chances of moving up in the PAF?
– The PAF offers a structured way to move up in your job through promotions and specialised training programmes. People can move up in the company based on their performance, experience, and completion of needed training courses. People who are trained can take on leadership roles and specialised tasks.

How do you train new members of the Pakistan Air Force?
– PAF training is tough and all-encompassing, and it’s meant to get new members ready for the tasks and responsibilities of their jobs. Training programmes include both classroom-based theory lessons and hands-on exercises that are specifically designed for different Air Force job paths.

What perks and bonuses do people who work for the PAF get?
– The PAF gives competitive pay along with a range of benefits, such as free medical care for the employee and any dependents, housing, free or low-cost schooling for children, and retirement benefits. Benefits may be different depending on rank and length of service.

Can women apply for jobs in the PAF?
– Yes, women can apply for some PAF jobs as long as they meet the standards and other requirements of the job. PAF wants to hire a variety of people and is especially interested in hearing from skilled women.

How can I find out more about PAF Jobs or put my mind at ease?
– For more information about PAF Jobs, including who can apply, how to apply, and any other questions, you can check the PAF website at or get in touch with them through one of their designated channels.

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