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Unlock Your Future: A Complete Guide to German Student Visas for Pakistani Students

Many students throughout the globe like Germany because of its academic competence and vibrant society. If you come from Pakistan and would like to study in Germany then one must have a student visa. Although the procedure is crucial, this article offers useful information for managing it.

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Why choose Germany?

With its rich traditions in high quality knowledge exposition with diverse academic offerings and low cost fees policy, Germany has been home for more than 400,000 foreign students. It means that as a pupil from Pakistan; this is where you will get the chance to do some of the most advanced studies ever done anywhere on earth; reside among people from all corners of the world and after finishing school have a good chance of getting employed.

Different Types of  Germany Student Visas

1. Schengen Visa (C Visa): This is for short courses, such as those lasting no more than 90 days.

2. National Visa (D Visa): This particular type is given out by countries and is a necessary requirement for long duration courses, usually for those meant for university studies.

Germany Student Visa Requirements

It is important that you consider the following key points when you are about to start your journey:

  1. Admission Letter: Get yourself registered at any one of the recognized German universities or preparatory schools so that they can offer you placement services.
  2. Financial Proof: Show that your financial situation is secure enough by having a blocked account, by presenting an award letter or an employment contract from your employer if granted, or sponsorship papers submitted to this effect.
  3. Health Insurance: A valid health insurance for students is needed and should be purchased. (Click here to apply for Students Health Insurance)

Where to Apply?

You can request your Germany student visa in Pakistan from the following German embassies:

  1. Germany Consulate General in Karachi
  2. Embassy of Germany in Islamabad

Making an Appointment

Appointments are obligatory, meaning that one has to access the embassy’s website to make a reservation and immediately they are made accessible at any given time.

Click here book an appointment in Islamabad

Click here to book an appointment in Karachi

Step-by-Step Application Process

1. Apply for a Study Program

Ensure you are accepted into a study program in Germany, such as a university degree or language course. If still awaiting admission, apply for a student applicant visa with proof of application.

2. Find the Right Embassy

 The one responsible for student visa processing that is nearest to where you live should be the German embassy or its consulate.

3. Book for a Meeting Consequently

Plan for a visit to submit a visa application. Getting a slot could take up to several weeks depending on the number of appointments that the embassy busies itself with.

4. Gather Required Documents

Prepare all necessary documents before your appointment.

Required Documents:

  • Completed visa application forms (two copies)
  • Valid passport and two copies of the bio page
  • University acceptance letter (original and two copies)
  • Recent visa-sized photographs
  • Academic certificates (originals and copies)
  • Resume (two copies)
  • Proof of financial support (blocked account confirmation, scholarship, or sponsorship letter)
  • Health insurance policy
  • Language proficiency certificate (B2 level minimum, original and two copies)

5. IELTS Requirement for Germany

The score of 7.0 is not always a strict requirement for admission to universities in Germany, regarding IELTS submission for Germany. The applicants of undergraduate courses are required to score at least 6.0 for IELTS test and the individual module should be 5.5. In comparison, postgraduate programs also require the average score to be between 6.0 and 6.5. In Germany, even universities are inclusive in the range of scores from 4.5 up to 6.5, only that there is variation. A minimum 6.5 overall IELTS band score is required for a student visa for Germany.

6. Submit Your Application

When the day you make your visit you should submit the required documents at the embassy or consulate where inquiries will be made about biometric data and you will have to attend a visa interview.

7. Germany Student Visa Fee

The  student visa in Germany costs EUR 75 or PKR 22,908 for adults and that for children is reduced to half. It is possible to pay this fee by cash through an embassy or a consulate.

8. Wait for their answer to come

Processing of your application will take between 4 to 10 weeks. Once your application is endorsed by the authorities you can travel to Germany. If it is denied, a letter will be sent to you outlining the reasons and possible next steps.

Funds Required

Please demonstrate the availability of €11,208 (approx. PKR 3,423,302) each year – usually through a blocked account in Germany.

Germany Student Visa Rules

Your student visa enables one to work part-time 280 days a year or full-time 140 days in a year. This offers valuable experience and financial support during your studies.

Post-Arrival Steps in Germany

Upon arrival in Germany, there are several tasks to carry out:

1.Register Your Address: Go to the local registration office and ask for the registration certificate.

2.Activate Your Blocked Account: Open a German bank account to transfer funds from your blocked account.

3.Get Health Insurance: Register for public health insurance if you are under 30. If over 30, explore private insurance options.

4.Lodge an Application for a residency permit: Apply for a residence permit at the nearby Foreigner’s Office since your students’ visa shall expire after three months.

Duration and Extension of Visa

The program you are involved in as well as the reason for your stay may determine how long a German student visa remains valid which may be up to two years. For one to require more time finishing studying, he or she may need to ask for an extension at the Foreigner’s Office.

Permanent Residency

The route to a long-term stay If you don’t have a job lined up, then after your studies are over, getting a student visa will help you to make a switch between the work permit or EU-Blue Card. Upon completion of studies without having found any employer, one can alternatively still get a Job-Seeker Visa which allows for six more months during which period unemployment needs be curbed through finding employment.

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FAQs About Germany student visa requirements

How straightforward is it to secure a German student visa while applying from Pakistan?
Getting a German student visa from Pakistan isn’t too tricky if you’ve got everything in order. You’ll need to show you’ve been accepted into a German university, have enough money to support yourself, and have health insurance sorted. It’s all about meeting their requirements, but plenty of students manage to do it every year.

What is the rejection rate for German student visa in Pakistan?
The rejection rate can vary based on how well you meet the visa requirements. If you’ve got all your documents and finances sorted as per their guidelines, your chances are pretty good. But it’s essential to be thorough to avoid any hiccups.

Is IELTS mandatory for Germany student visa?
Yep, usually you’ll need to show your English skills through a test like IELTS. It’s a common requirement, but the specifics can depend on the university and program you’re applying for.

Is the Germany visa open for Pakistan?
Absolutely! Germany issues visas for Pakistani citizens, whether it’s for tourism, business, or study. Just make sure you meet all the criteria and have your documents in order when you apply.


Unlocking a unique set of chances is inevitable as long as you pursue further studies in Germany. If you are guided by the procedure stipulated in this manual, you should be able to follow student visa processing without any difficulties. Plan well, collect all requisite papers and be patient while handling the exercise. Your academic adventure in Germany awaits.

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